history about role and status of women in china has undergone tremendous changes

The goal of this course is to explore pre-modern encounters between people of different civilizations and cultural regions. Early in the term I asked you to select one of the 7 themes this course for your preferred area of focus. In the final project you will select a topic from within that theme and apply the techniques that historians use in analysis.

These are the two different approaches that we will use. Choose one.

Studying a subject by how it changes over time: Trace a limited topic through history (up to 1500 CE) Compare its change over at least three different points in time.

Studying a subject in the same time period but across several different locations and cultures: Analyze the impact and interaction between two –three societies.

Regardless of which approach you use, your final paper should include a discussion of the impact this topic has had in shaping our world today.


NOW: Select theme. Throughout the remaining weeks you can use this to guide your selection of modular learning topics to align with your chosen area. You might want to expand on one of these topics for your project. It will be helpful to keep note of speculations and questions that pop-up during the readings. They could lead to potential topics.

DETERMINE YOUR TOPIC. You will need to decide upon a World History topic from within your chosen theme and then narrow it down to either approach #1 or #2. From this you will write a research statement explaining your position for your written paper.

WRITE A THESIS STATEMENT that makes a statement about global history. Your statement should

1.Connect to your chosen theme

2.Articulate which of the two approaches you will pursue.

3.Be approved by your instructor


1.Your final theme paper should be approximately 3-5 pages long.

2.Include a source page as the final page

3.It should contain at least 5 sources. At least one of them should be a primary source. Images and maps are acceptable sources with appropriate citations.


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