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1. Describe how fear, politics and capitalism impacted the government’s approach to handling the epidemic presented in this movie.…

As this movie is based on a non-fiction book, you have ample opportunity to utilize scholarly references to support your written response. Please make sure to summarize the story line for your audience as well as address the information above.

The paper must be done in APA 6.0 format. It must be typed and double-spaced with 1” margins. Write in 12-point Times New Roman type. Do not leave gaps between paragraphs. Number pages.

Writing is very important. All college students are expected to be able to write literate papers. Papers containing numerous grammatical, spelling, or word choice errors will be penalized. Proofread your paper carefully.

All college students are expected to understand the rules regarding paraphrase, quotation, and citation. When you paraphrase a source, change the original wording completely. Copied language must be placed in quotation marks and followed by an in-text citation. You must provide in-text citations (in proper APA 6.0 format) whenever you use information that comes from a source even if you are not quoting the source. All papers must have a Reference page on a separate sheet of paper at the end. It must be in APA 6.0 format. All sources referenced in in-text citations must have a corresponding entry on the Reference page. Each entry on the Reference page must have a corresponding in-text citation. Failure to abide by these rules is unacceptable. Papers that do not follow these rules are unacceptable and will receive an F. Papers may not be rewritten. The grade for this paper will not be dropped. You may not submit any paper that has been or will be submitted in another class. You may not collaborate with anyone on this paper.

Grades will be based on the following criteria: quality of analysis, use of evidence to support statements, ability to quote and cite sources correctly, writing, presentation and format, length.

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