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Topic: HR Issues in a European Context
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Assessment Brief/ Task
The detailed requirements for this task are as follows:
A large multinational company, Fantasia Corp, with head offices in the USA, has decided to set up an EU based operation in Bordeaux, France. The company is involved in the entertainment and leisure business. The organisation is known across the world, but chiefly operates from the USA, having no prior experience of operating in Europe.
The organisation is seeking to recruit 250 local workers, and to employ 50 American expatriate specialists who will be selected through the American head offices. You can assume that the HR Director’s team have the expertise to select the expatriate specialists but not the locally employed workers.
The Managing Director has instructed the HR Director to implement HR systems in the new company within the next 6 months. Before implementation the HR Director will present his plans for approval to Head Office.
For this specific task, you have been appointed as an external consultant to advise the HR Director on managing the recruitment process in France. You will also be paid for a further 3 months to ensure smooth implementation of the HR systems.
The HR Director has reservations about the transferability of the HR systems from an American context to the EU legislative, cultural and HR aspects. The Director also has major concerns about the induction process for the expatriate workers.
As a consultant to Fantasia Corp you will be expected to advise on the following;
1. What problems of implementation do you anticipate in this process?
2. What suggestions would you make to overcome them?
3. Comment specifically on;
Cultural Issues
Recruitment /Selection
Opportunities for Training
Induction training for EU nationals
Induction training for American expatriates.


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