i want a reply post to the below essay in 200 words using apa format and journal articles 16

Part 1:

In team management, the most important task is to choose the right people for the teamwork and assigning, allocating and managing the team properly. If these three processes are done efficiently than nobody can impact the project to the completed on time and its success which will eventually lead to the growth and success of the organization. As per the task, the team leader should select the most skilled resources for the work, assign the work as per their work experience on the topic like the most experienced person should be given the most crucial and the complicated tasks and other as per their experience on the task preferences. Managing team also has a significant role like to reward the best performing person and helping and training a person who is lagging in their allocated work.

Designing tasks as per the below points:

1. All team members should be hired or selected as per the knowledge and expertise on the task.

2. Team members should be responsible for their part of the work.

3. Team members should be assigned to work as per their years of experience on the topic.

4. The team leader should provide feedback to each team member on a regular interval.

5. Team members should get rewards and appreciations for good work.

Selection of people process:

1. A most experienced person should be allocated the crucial and complicated tasks.

2. There should be good coordination among team and obstacle solving skills among the team.

Managing team relationships:

1. Good understanding and coordination are most essential and it should be maintained by the team leader by discussing and arranging team meetings.

2. High skilled team members with helping team diversity will help in this challenge.

Part 2:

Team Identity: Setting team goals and achievements and making team members valued is the key for the team identity in the organization. Sometimes there can be some differences in the team but all can be handled within the team by the team leader and the project manager will help to remove the obstacles and identification of teams in the organization. Also treating all the team members equally and believing in all of them is a very important skill to be helpful for the team lead. Rewarding all the high performing team is a positive impact and helps in motivating the team.


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