• school uniforms
  • Immigration
  • Technology
  • Availability of classes
  • Iraq’s war
  • Drinking age
  • Education in United States
  • Poverty
  • Violent against children
  • Religion
  • Health
  • Money
  • Divorces
  • Cancer
  • Abortion
  • Cloning
  • Finical aid

This paper is to be 4 full pages plus the Works Cited page = 5 pages total. You need at least five credible sources. Remember that this is a Persuasive Essay and you must address at least one counterargument. After when complete your essay be certain to briefly summarize your essay and list your two or three main concerns. use MLA format.

The goal of this essay is to persuade your reader

toward understanding your opinion on an issue of your choice. We will work on the

various rhetorical elements that enable us to build convincing arguments, including developing a clear thesis, addressing counterarguments, and supporting and qualifying claims. Research at least five sources required.You will need to use at least one print source. 4 pages (+WC) = 5pages(approximately 1,300words)


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