impact of information privacy and security on it

For the Unit 8 assignment you will analyze the impact of privacy and security requirements on an organization. These impacts include financial and reputational risks and costs, in addition to the overall influence on an organization’s information technology development. Most of this assignment will be part of the introduction to the course project. The rest of the assignment will be an impact analysis and an explanation of the purpose of the Healthcare Security and Privacy Plan.

In order to create a successful introduction and background section, you should review the key elements of the course project that you have already completed.


Create introduction and background sections for your Healthcare Security and Privacy Plan. Take into account the risk considerations, third-party issues, incident response requirements, and information protection measures you have developed in the components of your Healthcare Security and Privacy Plan as you prepare to write these sections.

Discuss the following in your assignment:

  • Differences between and integration of privacy and security.
  • Costs and challenges associated with healthcare regulations on healthcare information technology.
  • Impacts of prevention costs and of breaches on the organization overall.


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