Incriminating culture

n 250-500 words, answer the questions below.

Follow these steps:

Read Muhammad, Condemnation of Blackness, chapter 3
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Address the following prompt:
The core of Muhammads argument in chapter three is captured in this claim:

The writing of crime into culture, then, became a counter- discourse that was deeply flawed not because it inherently examined the crimes and immorality of individual blacks but because it emphasized the cultural distinctiveness of black thieves, rapists, and murderers. Their ancestral victimization as the children and grandchildren of ex- slaves tied them to both an exceptional past and a peculiar present. Immigrants from dozens of European cities had their own distinctive histories of oppression and subjugation, but their trans-Atlantic voyage and landing at Ellis Island helped to wash away those distinctions. Relatively speaking, Progressive era social reformers were more willing to look beyond the unproductive behavior of the immigrant masses, excuse it, or do something about it than was generally the case with black migrants.[1]

Choose one of the following white American progressive authors whom Muhammad analyzed and explain their contribution to incriminating the culture of black Americans in the early 20th century: Franz Boas, Mary W. Ovington, or Jane Addams.


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