inequality: race, gender, class

Answer the following questions. Some questions are based off of readings uploaded. Some questions are based off what you know. Some questions are based off of opinions. Keep numbers by questions. List question, then answer question

2. Are the ideas of Du Bois on race and Gilman on gender still relevant for helping you understand today’s inequalities and issues?
3. Are work and a college education reliable paths to upward mobility for today’s Americans?
4. Your readings for today document a big shift toward greater income inequality since 1970. Do you think that this is socially just?  Why or why not?
5. To what degree do these new technologies have desirable versus undesirable effects on society? Are the new tech elites merely getting what they deserve for improving our lives?
6. Based on poor people you know, what are the most important factors contributing to poverty?
7. If people who were raised in serious poverty find good job opportunities will they necessarily be able to take advantage of them?
8. Do you think that the US should provide 1) free college and 2) inexpensive public healthcare? Why or Why not?
9. Are there reasons for white Americans to want to greatly reduce racial inequality and domination in the US? Why or why not?
10. After this election, is the white nationalist political agenda spearheaded by Trump going to decline, grow or remain the same?
11. Do you personally feel that when you graduate from college that you are going to be able to carve out the gender identity and social position that you wish to have?
12. What question about their personal experience of inequality would you like to ask your classmates? What’s your answer to their questions?


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