Inter-professional communication

First, Select your solution.
Describe your proposed solution.
What would it entail?
What resources are needed?
Next, be sure that your solution addresses the following:
How do we use what we have learned to improve the organizational culture of safety and quality?
In Module 5, you identified a team of people who could help fully understand what happened and/or assist in
finding solutions. What role can interprofessional communication and/or collaboration play in preventing
recurrences of this type of medical error?
What role can technology play in preventing recurrence of this situation? Please share two specific
technologies and the role each one can play.
What steps would you recommend the organization take to repair the damage to relationships with external
Lastly, in 1-2 closing paragraphs, reflect on the Quaid situation and briefly share your thoughts about
similarities between what happened with the Quaid twins and what happened in your case in terms of process,
requirement, or policy breakdowns. Are there lessons to be learned from the mistakes of the past? What
lessons can be learned from your chosen error to prevent recurrence?
Your paper should be 6-8 double spaced, APA formatted pages in length, not including your title and reference
pages. You will need to use a minimum of 4 external credible, relevant resources. These will ideally be the
same sources you used in M5A1, though you may need to find more best practice information to support your

Sample Solution

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