International Human Resources

Religion in the Global Workplace

– Identify the major religion(s) in South Korea

– Explore its influence on the three levels of the culture pit – (core values, attitudes, HR practices, and surface culture) and provide examples for each level. Please see attached picture for the 3 levels of culture pit.

– Use the links I have listed, but need to have at least one additional reputable source of information.

Page length: Approximately 2 pages.


1. OECD:

2. EEO (The reach of US Law):

3. ILO (A potential source of information on labor laws and economic development):…

4. (Excellent source of information on many topics relevant to IHRM):

5. Radius (Explore their website for course related information. Once the teams have developed some level of expertise I may be able to connect you for specific research questions.):


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