Internet Code of Ethics Assignment

Dynamics of Mass Communication, Ch. 17 University Of Phoenix


Develop a code of ethics for Internet advertisers. Include the five ethical principles from Ch. 17 in The Dynamics of Mass Communication.

Create a code of ethics with 8 to 10 ethical standards for Internet advertisers.

Consider the following while creating your code:

  • How do ethics influence Internet advertising?
  • How do ethics influence advertising, in general?
  • What ethical issues does advertising on the Internet raise?

Provide two examples of Internet advertisements, based on your code of ethics, that would meet these criteria, and two examples that would violate your criteria.

Identify which of the principles are used in your examples.

Provide specific examples of how the advertisements converge with or diverge from your ethical code.

Refer to codes of ethics from other forms of media to create your advertisement code and to defend your opinions.

Include an introduction and a conclusion to your paper and code of ethics. reference and site all resources and reference all pictures on the the pic

Create a presentation consisting of a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® , a website, a brochure or other format approved by your instructor.


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