Intertextuality and Re-contextualization

Your fourth exercise is an exploration of “intertextuality and re-contextualization.” You’ll begin by reading at least one of the four articles assigned for this week. Then, you’ll choose an idea or concept from one or more of these articles to use as the inspiration, the “spark”, for you to create your own intertextual/re-contextualized work. 
Read at least one of the four articles (I encourage you to read all four).  
Choose an idea or concept that you find intriguing, an idea that inspires you to re-contextualize media objects you are familiar with.
Create you intertextual media object. This doesn’t need to be complex: remember that a meme that uses an image from a popular film is an appropriate intertextual object.
You can work in any medium for this: video, sound, music, still, etc.
Your goal is to take pre-created media objects and building something new out of them. Therefore, you are encouraged, demanded, to steal someone else’s work and alter it. And the bigger the steal, the better.
Return to the Storey and Orgad articles: you should be thinking about you’re using the possibilities to create meaning in your intertextual object. 
Write a 1 1/2 – 2 page double-spaced explanation of your intertextual object, the concept from the readings, and the ideas of meaning production that you are utilizing in it.
You’ll submit two things: your “re-contextualized” media object and then 1 1/2 – 2 page essay. 
I’ll be looking for:
A clear citation to idea or concept from your chosen article.
Appropriate use of the terms from the Storey and Orgad article to justify the meaning you’re trying to produce. 
By Sunday Nov. 22nd at 11:59pm, you will upload your intertextual/recontextual assignment: essay and object.  

My idea is to do what the professor suggests; a meme using an image from a film.
I chose an image from the film Four Rooms (directed by four different people), to recontextualize it into a meme. The image will have a text that reads “When summer 2021 hits and they tell you to take your mask off”. The image is attached as well as the articles he wants us to mention.


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