irls211 progress assignment 2

For this assignment, please write a 1-2 page (double-spaced) five paragraph essay on one of the wars we’ve covered so far (e.g. World War I, World War II, or the Cold War). Be sure to apply at least one theoretical perspective to it, to articulate the level(s) of analysis you’re using and to demonstrate your understanding of at least five international relations terms (e.g. like the ones discussed on the week 1 forum). Your essay should be insightful meaning that you should demonstrate your critical thinking on the topic.

In your introductory paragraph, introduce the war, theoretical perspective, level(s) of analysis and terms you’re going to discuss. End the paragraph with your thesis statement, which is about what you have to say about the topic. For more information on them, please check out this link. In paragraph 2, talk about the first point from your thesis statement and in paragraph 3 talk about the second point from your thesis statement. In paragraph 4, talk about your third point and in paragraph 5 conclude with a wrap up of your analysis.


Paragraph 1: Introduction – ends with thesis statement

Paragraph 2: Talk about the first point from your thesis statement

Paragraph 3: Talk about the second point from your thesis statement

Paragraph 4: Talk about the third point from your thesis statement

Paragraph 5: Conclusion and final insights.

Although this essay is a bit different than the essays discussed on the Purdue OWL website, it is still a good reference. I recommend checking it out.

Your submission should be free from errors and demonstrate your knowledge on the topics you discussed. Exclusive use of the course materials is required. Please upload your work as a .doc or .docx file by Sunday of week 5.


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