Isol534 – application security practical connection | application security

ISOL534 – Application Security Practical Connection
Individual Project : Subject Cyber Security _ Recent articles Due DATE: Sunday midnight
Prepare a report to address all aspects of the assignment.  This report should be no less than 5 pages of content.  You need to include outside sources and properly cite and reference your sources.  You must have at least 10 references, 5 of which must be scholarly peer-reviewed articles.  In addition to the 10 pages of content, you will want a title page and a reference sheet.  This report needs to be in proper APA format.
Paper Sections
The following sections should be outlined as Headers in the paper.
Introduction, thesis statement, overview, purposeBackground, discuss history of topicDiscussion, identify benefits, obstacles, innovationsConclusion, summarize the overall study, lessons learnedReferences, minimum three references with citations in the body
All written reports should be submitted in MS Word.  The paper submission will use SafeAssign. Please ensure to use the proper Author, YYYY APA citations with any outside content brought into the paper.
Students must submit both written assignment and presentation slides in the folder labeled “Make Up Assignment” in your iLearn course.

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