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Strategy-1.ppt Baldwin Drug Stores, Inc. is a retail pharmacy and sundries chain.
To succeed in its highly competitive industry, Baldwin’s executives
realize that they need to establish a strategy that clearly guides
day-to-day performance. Its biggest competitors are discount drug
outlets and superstores. They believe their key customer segments are
the elderly, disabled, and affluent family markets.In
the Session Notes and in Closing Comments,  use the first eleven
questions in Slide 19 to develop a strategy for Baldwin and questions 12
through 14 in Slide 19 for an implementation planning strategy. Please
provide comprehensive answers to the questions in order to support your
strategy and implementation. Make any assumptions you wish, just state
them. The objective of this exercise is to get practice in using the 14
questions for strategic planning and implementation. Please place a
summary of your response to this exercise as a response to this
discussion topic. This will be part of your participation grade. Thank

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