Question description

1.Compose a graduate level question related to any of the topics covered in this
week’s readings regarding the well known (arguably the most famous Italian Mafia
group) Cosa Nostra or the newer Italian Mafia organization known as Calabrian
‘Ndrangheta.In forming your question, one of the following verbs must be used: argue,
interpret, assess, defend, propose, develop, analyze, or compare.2: Fully answer the question you have created.Note: Only Forum
question #2 must be a “minimum” of 500 words of content (does not count
references and or restating a question) and only DQ#2 must include “at least”
two different and properly referenced sources, in accordance with APA 6th
edition, for full credit. Again there is no minimum length or source requirement
for Forum question #1 this week.Now as always, within your post, please
place the first response (i.e., your draft question this week) on top of the
second Forum response (i.e., your response to the question you composed), i.e.,
both Forum responses should be in the same post within the Forum.

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