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 As a Human Resource Specialist, design a selection process for a specific job. In thisrole, you will design a selection process for a specific job.  The outcome of the portfolio project will bea proposal, which details the design of the selection process you arerecommending for a specific job.  Inorder to design a selection process, you will apply the knowledge gained, andthe tools that are introduced during this course.  Specifically, you will: 1)Conduct a job analysis utilizing one or more of the following methods:interview, questionnaire, observation. In all instances, you will need access to a subject matter expert (SME)which can be a job incumbent, a supervisor, or another individual who hasdetailed knowledge about the job. 2)Create a job description, using the form provided, or designing your own. 3)Design three selection assessments, which include: a)Screening interview questions b)Behavioral interview questions for a face to face interview  (either one on one or group) c)One job-related simulation or performance-based test 4)For each of the three selection assessments, develop assessment criteria formaking decisions to move job applicants forward in the process (or not) andultimately hiring the candidate. 5)Create a Selection Process Flow Chart indicating the sequential steps involvedin the process. 6)Create a proposal for your Selection Process, following the “Sample SelectionProcess” document provided.  The proposalis intended for the organization for which you created the selection process(this is your “audience”).  The proposalMUST include: a) the job analysis, b) job description, c) selection assessmentsand criteria, and d) a flow chart of steps involved in the selectionprocess.   

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