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The company has recently changed its total annual compensation policy to improve sales.A salesperson will continue to earn a fixed annual salary of $85,000.00. The current annual sales target for every salesperson is $150,000.00.The sales incentive commission will only start when 80% of the annual sales target is met. The current commission is now 15% of total annual sales.  Any annual sales below the incentive commission percentage will not earn any annual commission.If a salesperson exceeds the annual sales target, the commission will increase based on an acceleration factor. The acceleration factor is 2.0.The application should ask the user to enter annual sales, and it should display the total annual compensation.The application should also display a table of potential total annual compensation that the salesperson could have earned, in $5000 increments above the salesperson’s annual sales, until it reaches 50% above the salesperson’s annual sales.Sample Table: Assuming a total annual sales of $100,000, the table would look like this:

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