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A+ work with 0% plagirism bid only if u can do it in 5 hours 1) Search the MMC in the internet and provide a brief description of its HRM strategy and practices.(Weighting: 25%)(Wordage: 1000)2) What factors and practices do you believe are important in explaining the failure of MMC from a Human Resource Management Perspective?(Weighting: 25%)(Wordage: 1000)3) What HRM strategies would you recommend for this organization? Why have you chosen them?(Weighting: 25%)(Wordage: 1000)4) What HRM policies and practices would you suggest towards improving the function and publicity of MMC?(Weighting: 25%)(Wordage: 1000)(Total Weighting: 100%)(Total Wordage: 1000)Please REFERENCE all sources using the Harvard Referencing System

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