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PREFER tutor who has worked with this course before and that will provide ORIGINAL work.  There are 5 task assignments- utilize templates provided to complete.  Complete Directions will be given to the best tutor with the best bid.  (I do have examples of correct work for each tasks)Task1- Determine cost, show random interval table, determine selling price per unit from info providedTask2- Set up system of 4 constraints plotted as show in info provided, showing all work necessary to arrive at equations, determine total profit made if company produces combo of cases outline in directions, determine optimum production that yields greatest amt of profit from info provided in directionsTask3- Determine order size for company a given scenario that wld meet total annual cost using ecnomice order qty model, showing all work. describe process. Determine lot sz for company b in given scenario that wld minimize ttl annual cost using economic production lot size model, showing all workTask4- Uses estimates given for company to: determine expected completion time for project activities, determine variance for project activities, prepare PERT chart showing network diagram with activity times/expected durations, identify critical path in PERT chart.  (template provided)Task5- Develop response to given decision tree chart: calculate expected value for each 4 decisions branches, determine decision alternative that has most favorable ttl expected value, explain how reached determination.AGAIN- FULL Directions & templates will be provided to winning tutor.  ORIGINAL work is a must!

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