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Read the following two studies. Be sure to read the entire articles, not just the abstracts.Abraham, J., Sick, B., Anderson, J., Berg, A., Dehmer, C., & Tufano, A. (2011). Selecting a provider: What factors influence patients’ decision making? Journal of Healthcare Management, 56 (2), 99–114. 
·  Chullen, C. L., Dunford, B. B., Angermeier, I., Boss, R. W., & Boss, A. D. (2011). Minimizing deviant behavior in healthcare organizations: The effects of supportive leadership and job design. Journal of Healthcare Management, 55(6), 381–397.
Compare the two studies by analyzing their samples. Use the following questions to guide you.
1.  What sampling design is used?
2.  Is the sample size adequate?
3.  How does the sample affect the validity of the conclusions of the study?

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