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 This assignment will cover the International Criminal Court. This criminal court was established in order to ensure that international crimes are punished. Prior to the establishment of this court, international criminals often escaped punishment. Understanding how the International Criminal Court operates is essential in conspiracy investigations since these types of crimes are often large scale, involving multiple people in various locations, including foreign countries.Please write a paper about the International Criminal Court that includes the following:How this court was established.The purpose of this international court. The paper should be in your own words and approximately one page double-spaced. This individual work should include the following:An in-depth submission that should be free of spelling and grammar errors.You will be assessed on the rationale you use in addressing the questions/issue posted, and how well you justify your argument regarding this issue.Your response must be thought-provoking, have well developed ideas and/or opinions, and should reference any supporting material from the text, lecture, or other sources you used to complete the assignment.You may use your text or the Internet as a reference, but remember to cite your sources according to APA guidelines. MUST BE PLAGRISM FREE!!

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