leadership for social change – custom papers

eadership for social change
Please refer to ((lawyers as leaders)) by Deborah L. Rhode
Choosing chapter 9 ((leadership for social change))
Please follow the instructions CAREFULLY
The Group Presentation Chapter Summary project must be submitted according to the following guidelines:
1. Exercise critical thinking and judgment
2. Present information in an organized and logical sequence
Make a presentation of 12 slides starting with introduction and ending with conclusion
Please use English language as simple as you can
Do not use outside sources
Please be aware that this presentation will be presented by two students!! So if there is an argument or any issue or any opinion in the book please make for it two different opinions!!
For example, if there is an opinion in the chapter: write two different opinions and assign why you are choosing this opinion providing this with the weakness and strength of this opinion!
So, in each issue or opinion in the chapter each student will explain different point of view!!
The presentation is your own work be creative, and capture other group attention and have fun.
Summary Document:
Write a summary paper of 4 pages
• A good executive summary analyses and summarizes the most important points in the chapter and make recommendations based on the analysis.
• The chapter executive summary length should be no less than 10% of the chapter size. For example, a chapter of forty pages would require a 4 pages executive summary.
• You should write in two or three sentences the chapter’s main topic and ideas. For example “what’s this chapter about?” You have to explain it in two or three sentences.
• The reader of the executive summary needs to know all of the important information of the chapter and understand it without reading the whole chapter.
• Summarize the major sections of the chapter.
• Use heading and subheading wherever needed to organize information and make it easier for the reader to understand the most important or crucial parts of the chapter.
• All the chapters contain conclusions and others come with recommendation as well. For the chapters that don’t have recommendation you would need to analyse and recommend an action. For the chapters contain recommendation you would need to assess the recommendation. For example, why or (why not) the recommendation is a good idea.
Questions to Ask Yourself as You Write your chapter executive summary:
What is your chapter about?
Why and what is it important?
What is included in the chapter?
What is included in each heading?


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