Literature Review health and medical assignment help

Critically analyze the current literature related to African American woman living in Miami, FL living with HIV/AIDS. The goal of the review of the literature is to better understand the components of the health promotion problem identified (above). Begin with the selection and development of a theoretical framework for the project (use the paper below). Based upon this framework, you can select literature and data from a variety of resources to help explain the phenomena and to help identify potential interventions for the problem. Look at the South University library for peer-reviewed publications not older than 5 years to provide information about various aspects of the proposed project. Synthesize this information and utilize a conceptual framework to help integrate all aspects of the plan into a workable project. Must be APA formatted, at least 4-5 literature reviews and the paper must be between 4-6 pages in length and detailed.

Below I have attached the health promotion proposal plan that I completed last week. You will need to utilize this document to gauge how I am proposing this health promotion plan and strategies for an intervention.


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