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  This essay should be 3-4 pages, excluding the Works Cited page  This should be a close reading essay, and should use as evidence primarily passages from the story or stories that you discuss.  Please do not use ANY outside sources for this assignment.
The essay should be in MLA essay format (see the sample essay attached below) and use MLA citations. A Works Cited entry and in-text citations for each text discussed are required.
The essay should be focused on making a debatable claim about the text(s) in question; informational essays or essays consisting of summary are not appropriate. The claim should be supported with discussion of specific passages (quotes and citation) from the primary text(s). 

the topic is

 The Tragic Hero: In Oedipus Tyrannus, should we view Oedipus as tragic only, or can we find something heroic in his actions and end? Support your argument by discussing only events and lines from the play.  Remember to quote and cite the play in the body paragraphs. 


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