make a business report about selling bubble tea

For this assignment, you will take on the role of a small business owner. We will go through the process of planning for, funding, marketing, and running a small business. This project will end with the market, at which you’ll see your business in action as you buy, sell, trade, and experience commerce with your fellow business people.

-To work on your analytical, creative, and technical writing skills
-To practice writing to a specific audience and in a specific format
-To get a sense for what it’s like to plan and start a business
-To experience a micro-economy
-To gain some experience with marketing and business ownership

A close-to-real business plan that includes market research, a funding plan, a marketing plan, pricing scheme, promotional & marketing material, and supply information. Your plan needs:
-an executive summary, giving a snapshot/overview of your business (what you do, where you’ll set up, etc.)
-a funding plan (where your money will come from initially, eg: self-financed, bank, etc.)
–marketing & pricing plan (how you will promote your business and price your goods/services)
-1 piece of promotional material (flyer, poster, commercial, giveaway item)
–Business cards (1 for everyone in class and 1 for me, so 23 total)
–Something to do on market day (merchandise to sell or trade, games, or a service)
-1,000-1,500 words

Day 1
-Go over the basics of writing a business plan
-Begin brainstorming ideas
At home
-Begin prewriting plan
Day 2
-Continue brainstorming
-Begin market research
At home
-Begin drafting plan
Day 3
-Continue, finish market research
-Get started on business cards & promotional material
At home
-Finish drafting plan
Day 4
-Peer edit business plans
At home
-Begin revising, work on promotional material
Day 5
-Promo day! Trade business cards, show off & give out your promotional material, and promote your business! Examples of promotional material include: flyers, prizes with your business info, and posters. Games and challenges during promo day are also highly encouraged.
At home
-Continue revising, prepare final draft
Day 6
-Market day! Buy, sell, trade, and play in the microeconomy.
At home
-Submit final draft of plan on Canvas by midnight

-Paper is 1,000-1,500, uses 12 pt font, 1.15-2x spaced throughout, with 1” margins (2 points)
-Business cards and promotional material are professional, and professionally made – notebook or printer paper won’t cut it! (4 points)
-Some sort of good or service is available for purchase (with fake money, of course,) on Market Day (4 points)
Content & Organization
-Prose is clear, appropriate for the audience, suitably formal (2 point)
-Executive Summary gives a clear view of your business (2 points)
-Marketing data is utilized effectively (2 points)
-Funding, Marketing, and Pricing plans are clear, well-researched and realistic (2 points)
-Mechanical Precision (free of errors in grammar, punctuation, syntax, context, format, text not justified) (2 points)
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