Managing in a global environment

The signature assignment for this course will require research, academic writing, critical thinking, and analysis on a current issue facing the area of Managing in a Global Environment. Through this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to conduct academic research. The signature assignment requires a minimum of 20-pages (not including cover page, abstract, table of contents, and references), double-spaced, APA formatted academic research paper. Please note that this course requires you to focus your research based on existing research literature from peer-reviewed articles. The academic research paper will include the basic components of a non-empirical research paper which requires the following:
An introduction
                   1. Identification of a contemporary “Managing in a Global Environment” problem to be addressed;
                   2. A purpose statement;
                   3. Significance of the issue under study;
A literature review; and
A conclusion (recommendations and managerial implications)

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