marketing pecha kucha talk power point script presentation

By Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 10:00pm I need,

1) powerpoint

2) script (word document)

Format –  make a presentation using the following format:

10 slides (Plus a first slide with your name, slide 11 should just say “the end”)

That means your total powerpoint should have 11 slides.

20 seconds per slide (slides will change automatically)

Slide 1: Name , Slide 2: presentation content , slide 3: presentation content , Slide 4: presentation content, Slide 5: presentation content, Slide 6: presentation content , Slide 7: presentation content , Slide 8: presentation content, Slide 9: presentation content, Slide 10: presentation content , Slide 11: The End


No transitions/animations/videos. Only still slides. Remember to keep the slides light on text, they are there to aid the content of your talk, but you should NOT read off them or rely on them to make an effective presentation

You have creative freedom for what you decide to talk about. However you must display in-depth knowledge of at least one concept from our class text/discussion. Students in the past have succeeded by analyzing a marketing campaign from their favorite brand, or critiquing a failed campaign, other’s have discussed future trends in marketing or given a historical analysis to explain why some companies developed into world class brands we know today. You may pick a technology, trend, company, compare marketing campaigns, talk about societal marketing, or any other interesting topic including your personal experience as a consumer, intern or other professional roles:


see or

for examples of “Pecha Kucha” style presentation


TextBook for class is called:


MKTG 6; Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel;


 Publisher: Thomson, South-Western, 2010.




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