Marriage & family therapy

Write 5 brief papers (4-5 pgs.) called “Scaffolded transcripts” in which you willexplore some
of the practices that are related to narrative therapy. In the Class Schedule, you willsee due dates for
these papers.
The first scaffold paper will be based on “Unique Outcomes”, the second on “Externalizing
conversations”, the third on “Re-authoring conversations”, the fourth on “Re-membering conversations”
and the fifth on “The absent but implicit”.
Each of these papers will be based on either; a case you are currently seeing,a case you have seen in the
past, or, if you do not have a case that you can think of, you can base the transcripts on one of the topics
listed at the end of this section. In any event, you are required to use the same case in each of the five
In each paper, very briefly introduce the case and narrative practice. Then provide a “transcript” of what a
conversation might have looked like between you and your client(s) if you had been thinking in terms of the
scaffold, which was the topic for that paper.

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