midterm proposal discussion

For this assignment I want you to take some ownership of this class and possibly contribute to future classes You are asked to find and recommend two sources, one a book and one an article, for this class. The article should illustrate or discuss some kind of fallacy that is different than the ones we read about in the already assigned essays, and the book should have a relationship with some aspect of the Project Censored book: it should be about forms of censorship in our American society, social media, junk news or other threats to the quality of information available to citizens and voters. Books that focus on providing media literacy education are also appropriate.

Fro each of your recommendations you must write a paragraph or two that, first summarizes briefly the article of book, and then makes an argument for why it deserves to be included. You should discuss how your recommendation is related to the materials already assigned for class but also what it adds to those conversations and why you think it would be an important contribution. This is assigned as a discussion because I want you to read each other’s suggestions–though not before you write your own!–and chime in on what sounds important significant to you. There will be some extra credit available to you for doing so.


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