Module 4: human rights and social justice

Write an in-depth response to each of the questions numbered below. Number your response with the question. Each response needs to be at least four sentences in length. Refer to “Writing Rubric” (in the Getting Started Module and the syllabus) for content and grammar guidelines. If you research information outside of the textbook, document your reference after the cited information. Save your work in a Word (.doc or .docx) file, name the file with your first and last name, and the module number. For example, “Jane_smith_module4”. Then, upload your file into the dropbox folder.
For this assignment, read Chapter 4, “Human Rights and Social and Economic Justice” and all of the resources on the Readings page. Then, watch the videos in the Activities module. After completing this, write a response for each question that follows. 

Describe the four explanations of social injustice addressed in the textbook.
Watch the video entitled “The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Explained”. Go to the Readings section and click on the link provided for the “Civil Rights Act National Archive”. Review the key points on what the act provides. Identify and briefly describe the new laws that this act put into place and explain how they help to protect clients from social injustice.
Outline key ways a social worker can advocate for social justice as described in the textbook.
Watch the video entitled “Understanding Diversity and Social Justice” . Note the terms they share which are also in the text. Interpret how those terms are barriers to social justice and give examples of how they impact clients.
Watch the two videos entitled “Faces of Human Trafficking”. Go to the Readings section and click on the link provided entitled “Human Trafficking National Hotline”. Review the information provided. Summarize the information provided including the following; defining human trafficking, what interventions can be done to stop it, how to help those in it to get out and services for recovering from it.6. The link below is a web page for information on Hate crimes. Click on the link and review the information presented about hate crimes. After you read the page,  at the bottom of the web page entitled there is another link entitled “Hate Crime Statistics”. Click on the year 2018. Explore that page for the current statistics regarding the victims. Read through the information on that page then at the bottom of the page click on the Statistics.Highlight at least three statistics from that page.Describe what a hate crime is.Identify and explain at least three facts found on the link about them. Hate Crimes (new window)

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