motivation homework

This assignment should be based on personal experiences, understanding, and self-interpretation. This assignment should be a MINIMUM of 1-page (without a header/name, class name, etc.) and typed. You do not need to use any references but can refer to your text for assistance.

Prompt: Think about the quality of one of your own relationships. Try to identify what it is about your motivating style, and the motivating style of the other person that contributes to the quality of that relationship.

Estimate the other person’s way of interacting with you in terms of how much he or she:

  • Nurtures your inner motivational resources
  • Relies on informational language to communicate with you
  • Promotes your valuing
  • Acknowledges and accepts your expressions of negative affect as okay

Be sure to give examples of each of the above. You must include all four areas in your paper.



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