nasa apollo

Please see the attached essay and add two additional sections at the bottom…this is an example of what the next two sections need to look like….My essay is about NASA and the Apollo space missions to the moon.


One primary source is the transcript of First Lady Betty Ford’s August 10, 1975 interview with 60 Minutes correspondent Morley Safer, on file at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library (

Another primary source is Phyllis Schlafly’s critique of modern feminism, The Power of the Positive Woman (New York: Arlington House, 1977). This book is available in Shapiro Library.

One secondary source is “Competing conceptions of the first ladyship: Public responses to Betty Ford’s 60 Minutes interview” a detailed analysis of the reaction to the 60 Minutes interview by Maryanne Borrelli (2001; Presidential Studies Quarterly Vol. 31, No. 3 (September 2001); 397-414), which analyzes more than 1,400 letters that Mrs. Ford received after the interview, almost 67 percent of which expressed negative reactions.

Another secondary source is Republican Women: Feminism and Conservatism From Suffrage Through the Rise of the New Right, by Catherine Rymph (2006; Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press). This book is available in Shapiro Library.

Thesis Statement

Based on my research to date, I will try to support the following thesis: Even with the strong support of an extremely popular Republican First Lady, the ERA could overcome neither the divisions within the Republican Party, nor the conservative appeals of Phyllis Schlafly. This statement could change, based on subsequent research.


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