need help with to write a program on python 3 7 4

This is activity is to be solved on your own or with your pair programming partner. If you work with a partner, only in person upload the program indicating the names of the team members in the “Comment” box in the submission.

This activity is graded 0 (not submitted)/100(submitted). Evidence of substantial work is required to earn credit.

You must attend this session to submit this activity.

Create a python script (program) based on the narrative below.

Name your file A05_Last name. For instance, my file would be named A05_Huerta

Points will be deducted if you submit a file with an incorrect file name.

Upload your python file.


The program calculates the annual depreciation of a fixed asset using sum-of-years’ digit depreciation. The user inputs the original cost, salvage value, the years of useful life, and the depreciation year through the keyboard. The program calculates the annual depreciation and reports the result on the screen.

For instance, when the user inputs an original cost of 5,000, a salvage value of 200, a useful life of 4, and a depreciation year of 3, the execution of the program should be similar to the image below.

Output program


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