negotiation case study 1

I have uploaded a very short case (less than 2 pages), which provides a brief introduction to the situation and gives you some information and parameters. Since the case is short,

Please choose which negotiation style you will adopt. One possibility will be to choose Accommodate, Collaborate, Compete or Avoid (using the terminology of attached slide).

You will want to specify and discuss why you picked a certain strategy over the other strategies. Again, this is an example. Other and/or more specific questions will be provided at exam time.

Please use many negotiation (method, goals, BATNA, style et cetera). from attached slides

please apply concept from attached slides

take look atthed four slides from the Leslie presentation

the relevant Leslie Presentation slides are ( that is the main title of the specific slides):

Warm negotiation style slide

Tough negotiation style slide

Numbers negotiation style slide

Dealer negotiation style slide

Negotiation Process slide (the one that looks like going up stairs).


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