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 (KB) Net Present Value Analysis
In this assignment you will perform a Net Present Value Analysis for a project.
 1. Assume a student is planning to pursue a two-year master’s degree. There are two educational options the student is considering, with investment and cash flows as follows. 
Option A: Full-Time Education Example cash investment: $100,000. Currently the student is earning $30,000. The  student will quit his/her current job to study a Master’s degree in computer science.  Upon graduation the student hopes to earn $60,000 per year in new job. 
Option B: Part-Time Education Example cash investment: $100,000. Currently the student is earning $30,000. The  student can work part-time for three years at a salary of $20,000 while studying towards  the master’s degree in project management. Upon graduation the student anticipates a possible increase in salary by $10,000 (total $40,000) in the same company. 
The requirements for the assignment are:
 • Answer the following questions based on the unit readings: 
1. Briefly describe what net present value is, how it is calculated, and what it is used for.
 2. Calculate the NPV for each educational option. The discount rate is 8%. 
3. Which option should the student choose? Explain your decision including  any necessary assumptions made. 
• The paper must be APA-formatted as a Word document. 
• SafAssign will be used to check this assignment for plagiarism. Remember to  paraphrase in your own words and do not copy directly. 
• The length must be 1-2 pages, excluding the title and reference pages. 
• Include at least one reference. 

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