Network modification | Computer Science homework help


Network modification | Computer Science homework help


What are network layers? 
What is the OSI Model? 
What is the TCP/IP stack? 
Are there any other layering models/stacks/implementations? 
Why is a layering approach taken in networking? 
What is meant by a client/server network? 
How does it differ from a peer-to-peer network?  What is a server? 
What is a service? 
Is your router a server? 
Is your computer a server? 
What is Zeroconf? 
What is a host? 
What is a node? 
What are network topologies? 
What are bus networks?  Ring networks?  Star networks?  Tree networks?  Mesh networks? 
Are there any other network topologies? 
Is there a difference between physical and functional topologies? 
Which topology is best?

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