Non-Western Art Paper

INSTRUCTIONS:In this assignment, you will be choosing and writing about TWO artworks from either chapters 3.3, 3.4.and 3.5 of your Gateways textbook. Be sure to follow the instructions and use as many vocabulary words as possible (and appropriately) as you are completing the assignment. It may be helpful to review the Elements and Principles of Design chapters in the textbook.  Be thorough in your responses. Please submit your paper in the numbered format you see below.For example:1. My image is ……2. This object was a ______ used by ________Answer the following questions for EACH of the two artworks that you choose:1. Choose an image from one of the Non-Western cultures in Chapters 3.3, 3.4, or 3.5 in your textbook.   Include the title, date, culture, and any other identifying information with the image. Also include the page number and figure number of the image.2. Describe what purpose this object held in the culture or community that created it.3. List TWO visual elements and TWO principles of design used in the artwork. Explain how the artist used these Elements and Principles.4. What medium is used to create the piece? Does the medium have any significance to the interpretation or use of the artwork?Use appropriate format, most essays have been about a page long or 500 words.Please visit the following resource to revisit proper in-text citations.


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