Overview and structure of the business it needs.

For a total of 400 words. Keep the original content and provide a detailed explanation by adding 100 words for each sub-heading using evidence base articles and the book “Management Information Systems Managing the Digital Firm”. The organizational overview section should describe the structure of the business that you are proposing, focusing on the following:
1. What are different levels of employees in the organization (upper management, middle management, operational management, and lower level employees, such as production and service workers, and data workers) and their IT needs (chapter 1). 
2. What is the main business processes in your business and the types of information systems and enterprise applications you will need to efficiently run the various business processes (chapter 2).
3. Provide an analysis of your business against Porter’s competitive forces model, along with a recommendation for an appropriate strategy for your organization to gain a competitive advantage (chapter 3).

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