person s identity

Assignment: Articulate and defend a coherent and unified view of what goes into the development of a person’s identity and sense of who they are. Obviously, you will not be able to discuss all aspects of a person’s identity, so select two or three or four of the more important aspects and go into them in more depth. Every reading (including the short story and the film) in this section of the course addresses the issue of what it means to be human and how we come to be the persons we are, with the values we have. Draw on at least three of these readings to develop and support your analysis and argument. Be as specific as you can be, explaining and illustrating with examples some of the relevant factors that feed into our sense of who we are. (readings to write about are all attached) must use all three.

Length: Maximum of four double-spaced typewritten pages. Use MLA Style. and provide page numbers when sourcing the readings. it is the bottom page number not else. not less than 3 pages and not over 4.

Be specific and focus on developing a good thesis (not too general or too specific)


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