Peter and amy jones for the current tax year.

omplete the following tax return’s 1040 and Schedule A.
Following is a list of information for Peter and Amy Jones for the current tax year. Peter and Amy are married and have three children, Aubrynne, Bryson and Caden. They live at 1846 Joplin Way, Lakeville, MN 55022. Peter is a lawyer and Amy works part-time at a genetics research lab. The Jones’ Social Security Numbers and ages are as follows:
Name S.S. Number Age
Peter 215-60-1989 ,32
Amy 301-60-2828 ,28
Aubrynne 713-84-5555 ,5
Bryson 714-87-2222 ,3
Caden 714-89-1684 ,1
Peter’s Salary: $70,000
Amy’s Salary: $32,000
Items they want you to consider for their itemized deduction:
Eyeglasses and eye exam for Aubrynne $600
Orthodontic work for Bryson to correct congenital defect 2,500
Medical insurance premiums 1,800
Withholding for state income taxes 7,200
Withholding for federal income taxes 16,000
State income taxes paid with last year’s return 500
Property taxes on home 1,100
Property taxes on automobile 300
Interest on home 9,700
Interest on credit cards 200

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