1.) (Introduction) Classify the elements in the periodic table, describe types of bonds and compounds they can form.

2.) Describe sigma and pi bonds, single double, and triple covalent bonds. Explain the process of orbital hybridization during formation of covalent bonds, types of hybridization, supply an example of a compound with each type of hybridization including Lewis dot structure.

3.) Describe VSEPR model, provide details about electron geometry and molecular geometry, provide examples of molecules with every type of geometry.

4.) Choose one non-polar molecule and one polar molecule. Both molecules have to be nonlinear and not coplanar. Draw Lewis Dot Structure for each molecule, describe type of orbital hybridization, electron and molecular geometry, calculate electronegativity difference for each bond, classify it using its value, and determine whether molecule is polar or nonpolar.

5.) Using the non-polar and polar molecule from above, explain its dipole interaction, along with positive and negative sides of the molecule.


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