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1) Read Case Study 3, “Strategic Planning in Spokane, Washington” (pp. 496-501). In narrative format with a minimum of 400 words discuss Chief Mangan’s approach to organizational change to community policing.2)  Compare the values and vision statement that were developed in Spokane to the sample mission statements presented in Chapter 3. 200 WORDS OR MORE3) In what ways are the various expressions of organizational purpose from the Spokane, Portland, Houston, and Madison Police Departments different?  Why do they differ? 200 WORDS OR MORE4) If you were appointed as a new Chief of Police in your hometown, which missions and values are most important to you and why? 200 WORDS OR MOREPLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS NUMBER YOUR ANSWER WITH THE QUESTION PLEASE SO I WILL NO WHAT ANSWERS GOES WITH WHAT !

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