i attached some sources to use also i will attach some pages from the novel to talk about depression in marriage and describe specific scene

Project IV: Position Paper

Write an essay that takes position on the issue you researched for Project III. You will use your research as well as examples from Olive Kitteridge in your discussion of this position. You may also, optionally, use your own experience or field research in your discussion. Remember, a position doesn’t need to offer a solution or take a definitive stance; it may, for example, argue for the two main challenges to the mother-son relationship or it may argue that the central dilemma faced by a mother is between providing emotional or material support to her children.


The successful essay will be 4-5 pages in Times New Roman 12 inch Font. It will include 3-5 authoritative sources (likely those you have annotated for Project III, as well as examples from the novel. It will need to correctly cite and/or paraphrase passages from the sources in correct MLA form, and it will not misrepresent the ideas of the sources. Unethical source use in the Essay IV, which includes inadequate paraphrase, missing citations, and/or citing the wrong source will necessitate your retaking the course.


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