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We realize that failure to meet the fixed deadline renders all the efforts vain. Therefore, we always deliver on time – otherwise, the whole deal would be pointless. Moreover, our authors are quite speedy about the job. Just as any professional who does whatever (s)he does for a living, we can guarantee delivering on time even when there is an urgent essay to write. To be exact, you can safely address us even when you find yourself in need to submit that essay in twenty four hours from this moment. Another thing that may render all the spent time and effort futile is the accusation of plagiarism. This word alone can make a writer’s eye twitch. Especially when a writer was convinced that (s)he was writing an original piece. The thing is that there are a great many published works in existence. Another great many are in progress. So, it gets really tricky to come up with a 100% original piece and be 100% sure that nobody else has come up with similar ideas and conclusions before.

Cases of accidental or unintended plagiarism are not uncommon but intended or not – plagiarism is still regarded as such by all teachers and professors in all schools. This is why, before we present our writing to our client, we thoroughly run it through multiple plagiarism-checking programs to make sure that the work that you receive from us and submit to your professor is purely genuine. If necessary, we will willingly rewrite it to the point of complete originality. We have found out that not every student wants the entire paper written for them from scratch. Sometimes you might start an essay, but have no time to finish it. Sometimes, you have a ready draft but are confused by all the format requirements. Sometimes, you begin to have doubts in terms of style and tone at the stage of putting the finishing touches. We will gladly assist you with any writing-related issues.

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