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No matter what the title, it depicts the paying of mock homage to that partially clothed ivy-crowned youth who is seated on a wine barrel. The peasant in the yellow pants appears to be having the most fun of all from this author’s perspective. Note the unusual collar worn by him and the mode of dress for this portrait. According to records, this was the very last painting initiated by Velazquez. He died before it was finished. The artist Juan Bautista Martinez del Mazo is credited with completing this beautiful painting of this young girl in the beautiful dress. In this intricate painting notice the man furthest to the right. It is a portrait of the master painter himself, Velazquez. It depicts the transfer of the key to the city from the Dutch to the Spanish army. One entire wall in the Prado Museum was dedicated to the showing of this extraordinary painting.

Velazquez who came to live in the royal palace and who continually painted his royal subjects over and over again came to know them as well as anyone outside of the family possibly could, and probably better than most. This painting represents the court of Philip IV and he very artfully portrayed this charming little princess who is the focal point of this masterpiece. She is surrounded by her ladies in waiting, a couple of dwarfs and a dog who is resting on the floor to her right. The princess’ parents, the King and Queen are seen in the distance as from a reflection in a mirror. A few other people from the Spanish court are also painted into the background of this canvas, but everything revolves around the princess in the foreground. Velazquez has once again painted his likeness into this canvas as the portrait painter on the left who is taking a break and serenely holding his brushes in his hand as he is pondering his next move. Standing in front of this magnificent painting in person was an awe inspiring event for my husband and me.

Art historians and people much more educated than I am with regard to art can elaborate on the story of Velazquez. Suffice it to say that Velazquez came from the Hidalgo class of nobility which was the lowest order in Spain. Nonetheless, he was reared as a gentleman. That class of people shunned manual labor and when he showed artistic talent, his parents happily sent him to study as an apprentice under the tutelage of an art teacher at age eleven. Many others from that class swelled the ranks of the church. Times were tough due to plague and economic malaise. Famine and bankruptcies were common. Seville was a mecca for artists and artisans in that age and Velazquez was in the right place at the right time. The church wielded mighty power over the lives of citizens back then and much of the artwork reflected that influence. He could have stayed in Seville and been the foremost religious painter but he had other dreams. Coming from an aristocratic background, although poor, he had greater ambitions.

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