Thank you so much for sharing. Much insight and info that I didn’t know. The ‘paitence, laughter, and knowledge’ is so helpful. Thank you and may God Bless! What a great hub, and you are great people for realizing that there was a lot of good that came out of a lot of hardship. I took care of my mom off and on for about 30 years. She was at time able to care for her self and other times she couldn’t. There were times where that was even very hard. They are worse then a child as they have experienced life and know what they are missing. They can’t understand why they can’t do all the things they did before. Even though my mom could live alone at times, she still had to be looked after. To make sure she was getting meds and going to the doctor or whatever.

But I am glad I did it. I loved my mom very much. I sure am glad to have come across this Hub. My Mom and I have been together most of my life, yes, I said my life. She is now in her seventies and very cranky. I find it a pleasure to go to work and leave my house when I can for a much needed break. I do love my Mom, but caring for her can be taxing. Thank you for sharing. Hi – I have just started with hub pages and found this article. I am going through this now with my elderly mother. Last year I was taking care of my husband and my mother. My husband passed away Nov 30 last year. Now it’s just me and my mom. You’re right about perspective, prayer, and support systems. Only way I’ve halfway survived this emotionally.

I am hoping hub pages will give us some much needed extra income so I can continue staying at home and taking care of my mom. A new friend at church told me that Area Council on Ageing has funds to pay a family member to stay at home and take care of an elderly relative. So I will look into this, too. They also have support groups. Thank you. While I’m sure that nothing at this point would be an “easy” solution, it is gratifying to know that what feels right, probably is. I am also very appreciative of the practical advice you’ve provided on how to manage it all. I’m bookmarking this one and will link to it whenever it is appropriate. This is useful, but I can’t express the overwhelmingness of “my” parents. My father was always a yeller, still is- extremely mean at times and wants to die at home. Now my Mom is also sick. They are both in beds on 1st floor.

Mom just had hip surgery and is in rehab. She calls me (5xtoday) worried Dad will die before she gets home. I can’t visit her everyday, I worry about her. I need some tools. Surely mom and dad should let us be in charge but they don’t. Sorry to hear that. I am sure wherever your mom is right now. She is happy for you, and even thank you for staying with her and never leave her during the hardest time of her life. We just took in my father-in-law 2-1/2 months ago. I am not close with him, but his wife passed away with little warning, so decisions had to be made quickly! He has had several strokes and can care for most of his needs, however, he cannot make decisions for himself. My husband has been so helpful through all of this. These are all challenging situations, but it is a comfort to know that I am not alone! Thanks for your comments. Thank you for your story.

Soon my mother in law will be coming to live with us because to her health is getting worse. Although, I knew when I married my husband that this will happen eventually, I wasn’t truly prepared. Within in the last 3 days the decision was made to bring her from Greece. By the way, I am 5 months pregnant and this is our first child. I turned to the internet to find out information on how to deal with this. There was a lot of sad stories and bitterness toward the mother in law. I was happy to read your story and how you explained that although it was hard you were still okay. Thanks for your helpful suggestions. I was planning to use them when I stay home on maternity leave basically taking care of both. Living with elderly parents can be difficult and I can appreciate Marye Audet’s journey. My mother and father moved in with my sister after her cancer flared up. The experience did have moments but everyone did come closer together.

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