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Think of OO as delivering a well-written paper from an English class. Or you can view this like the public speaking you might see on television when an official gives a prepared speech. Either way, professionalism is of high importance, so being prepared and showing you care will take you far. The speaker chooses a topic of interest to them, researches it, writes a speech about it, and then delivers it in competition. An introduction is required during the performance. Speeches can be eulogies, an alert to the audience about an imposing danger, a strengthening of an accepted cause, or most often a persuasive topic. Try to be somewhat original. A judge does not want to hear three similar speeches on animal rights in one round. Speech effectiveness will be judged—did the speech clearly present an idea, motivate, etc? Declamation offers the challenging simplicity of delivering a speech in the best possible manner. The directions are straightforward and all your energies are spent on analysis and execution.

Declamation is strictly public speaking. However, if you are more of an organic, multitask person then Original Oratory could be your event match. OO is essentially a carbon-copy of Dec. aside from the tiny difference that in OO you create your speech. Alright, not such a tiny difference; more of a Grand Canyon of a difference. Yet, if you prefer to say what is on your mind and be in total control over your words, OO offers that opportunity. In this tutorial, a basic procedure will be given to show you how best to excel in this event. An OO can be a eulogy, an alert to the audience of a danger, a speech to strengthen a cause with an accepted response, or most often an OO is persuasive. Regardless of what form of OO you choose to write, the topic you decide on needs to be one you are excited about.

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