Evidence-Based Mental Health Nursing Group Concept Paper

(APA Conceptual Paper)


Write a professional four to five page paper (not including the cover, title and reference pages), in APA format, on the identified disorder or behavior with the concept “schizophrenia- noncompliance with treatment”. You are to use primary sources (original research articles) only, from 2013 to the present. Primary sources do not include fact sheets, reports from conferences/meetings or continuing education offerings. Studies acceptable for this paper are those that (a) are single research studies, not systematic reviews, meta-analysis, etc. and (b) have been done in the United States, United Kingdom and/or Australia.

At least three of the research articles must include nurses as authors.

The paper must include the following:


  1. Definition of the concept “anxiety” in regards to schizophrenia
  2. Brief overview of schizophrenia;
  3. Analysis of the four research articles focusing on the concept of schizophrenia- noncompliance with medication
  4. Application of the concept with of schizophrenia- noncompliance with medication on a mental health unit;
  5. Discussion of how the concept of schizophrenia- noncompliance with medication is significant in mental health nursing practice.

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