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Home of the web’s oldest “all HSP topics” blog, published non-stop since 2002. Extensive archive of articles about hundreds of HSP-related topics, as well as a wealth of links to other HSP sites. Part of Douglas Eby’s Talent Development Resources network, this site about high sensitivity includes lots of information about the HSP trait, gathered many expert sources, as well as articles about well known public figures who are highly sensitive. HSP Therapist and Coach Jacquelyn Strickland’s page about “HSP Gathering Retreats.” Now in their 12th year, these are periodic 4-day experiential events with workshops, activities and social events for HSPs. Author and researcher Dr. Ted Zeff’s web site, with tips for HSP living, resource links and synopses of Zeff’s books about various aspects of high sensitivity. Based in the UK, the National Centre for High Sensitivity was founded in 2010, and serves as an information resource and meeting organizer for HSPs living in Great Britain.

The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide: Essential Skills for Living Well in an Overstimulating World (Step-By-Step Guides)Written by Dr. Ted Zeff, a useful guide with suggestions to make everyday life for an HSP a little easier. To someone who’s suffering the effects of frequent overstimulation, that may not be the news you want to hear. HSP Wellness in day-to-day life is about seeking balance and managing your “personal resources” wisely. With deeper understanding of their sensitivities, most HSPs learn to live rich and fulfilling lives that make use of their natural creative talents. They learn which situations will cause overstimulation, and “how much” they can handle, and when to leave before getting overwound. According to Elaine Aron, quality sleep is also an essential part of HSP wellness. She recommends 8-9 hours of sleep a night, and emphasizes the importance of a “slow wind down” at night, so we don’t go to bed with our minds racing, leading to poor sleep or even insomnia.

HSP Wellness. The path to an authentic life is not always easy for a highly sensitive person, because it typically requires us to abandon old thinking about what and who we “should” be and what we “should” do. Overstimulation comes to HSPs in many different ways. Sometimes they are environmental. Personally, I am very sensitive to loud, sudden or pervasive noise from my surroundings. Some can be more affected by bright lights, or maybe by acrid or artificial smells. Yet others are sensitive to touch, and to the textures of objects and clothing around them. Sometimes it’s all of the above. The Highly Sensitive Person’s WorkbookThe companion workbook to Elaine Aron’s original book about high sensitivity. This is HIGHLY recommended for those wishing to “explore in depth.” Also an excellent book to work through in a group, or with a friend. We live in a busy and chaotic world, filled with demands, things to do, work, family, kids, TV news, scary movies, parties, obligations and much much more. This holds true for everyone– doesn’t matter whether you’re highly sensitive, or not. However, as an HSP, you experience all these “inputs” more intensely.

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